Lakeside Garden Club History

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CLUB HISTORY: On July 11, 1960, Lucy May Carender called together a group of people who were interested in things of nature and the Lakeside Garden Club was voted into existence, with Lucy May Carender serving as the first club president. From it's inception, the club has been active in community beautification, Plantings have been supplied for the Eucalyptus Hills School and El Capitan High School, the library, and a project in front of the Education Center on Woodside, for which they won the California State Fichfield Award. In 1971 the Garden Club won the Sears Environmental Program Award. They also held flower shows, encouraging community participation especially from school-aged children.Because conservation is a vital part of the club's activities, the Lakeside Garden Club became a charter member of the Quail Garden Foundation, in 1962. The club has purchased several Penny Pines Plantations to help reforest the burned areas in our mountains.To further the goals of promoting interest in horticulture, yearly scholarships have been offered to El Capitan and to Cuyamaca College graduates. These scholarships were financed primarily by spring and fall plant sales. For ten years beginning in 1961 the club entered plots at the Del Mar County Fair and never failed to win a ribbon. The 7 first place awards, 4 seconds, 2 thirds and 3 fourths were quite a record for the smallest Garden Club in Palomar District. Prize money, from the awards, was put into a savings account which grew to a considerable sum of money. In 1993, when the Lakeside Historical Society appealed to us for help in landscaping the old church, it seemed the perfect place to use our funds that had slowly grown to over $10.000. They envisioned a place that would survive for many years and will be enjoyed by the entire community. On July 4th, 1986, the Lakeside Garden Club installed a Blue Star By-Way Memorial in Lindo Park as a tribute to all who served in the United States Armed Forces.



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