About Us: Our Mission

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Lakeside Garden Club is an active, fun loving group that meets once a month from September to June and is dedicated to promoting the use of plants in the landscape best suited for our dry, hot climate. Our objectives include furthering our knowledge of gardening, improving the landscape of Lakeside as a community and participating in community events.

Lakeside Garden Club, a non-profit organization, celebrated its 50th anniversary just a few years back in 2010. We were founded in 1960 by Lucy May Carender. She came to Lakeside in 1936 and was very involved in the community all her life. 


Old Church in Lakeside, CA
Olde Church on Maine St. in Lakeside, CA - September 2013

The Lakeside Garden Club designed, installed and continues to maintain the gardens at the Olde Church, home of the Lakeside Historical Society. Lakeside Garden Club’s fundraising efforts include two plant sales held at the Olde Church. One is in the spring the other in the fall. Lakeside Garden Club charges annual membership dues of $15 per member as well as hold monthly raffles at each meeting. Raffle items range from plants and garden related items and whatever is donated. Proceeds from the fundraising has gone to Ornamental Horticulture scholarships and noteworthy community gardens such as the Lakeside Middle School, the Lakeside River Park and the Water Conservation Garden.


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